Alex Rosenkreuz is a third generation fine arts painter.  Training at an early age, he started with classical, renaissance paintings – studying the ways of the old masters.

After perfecting their techniques, his spiritual uprising guided him to create religious works.  Diving deeper, he studied iconography and sacred art restoration along with the creation of frescos and murals.

Although skilled in the presentation of many religious subjects, Alex’s expertise is in the style of the Eastern Orthodox Church icons.  With each work, he extensively researches the garments, character and symbolism to be included in the painting.  Alex considers thorough research and proper portrayal of his subjects as highly important elements when designing and painting custom religious icons.

Restoring damaged paintings to their former glory is a skill Alex learned early on and one which he has refined during his career.  Alex provided the services of restoring historical portraits of former judges for the York County Court House, restoration of religious paintings for area churches and private collections, and even paint restoration of antique vaults. hh

Alex has been commissioned to paint a wide variety of subjects and materials including; custom murals, original portraits, and landscape paintings.




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